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Welcome to the GHCHS Alumni page. Here you will soon find lost classmates and friends along with other Alumni information.
Dear Alumni and Granada Hills Community Members,
Last week, the Grand Marshalls of the Granada Hills Holiday Parade premiered their virtual event, "Favorite Holiday Memories."
As you can imagine, there were many scenes featuring the GHC Highlander Band and Drill Team from many previous Granada Hills Holiday Parades throughout our look back.
The virtual parade also includes an announcement from the Grand Marshalls and closing moments from the 1970 LA City Championship Game.
What makes this even more exciting for us is the release of the new book titled, "One More Season: The Birth of Football's Spread Offense," by author Lorin Fife on Amazon! Lorin played on the 1970 team and credits then football coach, Jack Neumeier, as the architect of the modern day spread offense that dramatically changed the play book for collegiate and professional football forever. The book can be found at:
We have a unique opportunity in 2021 to highlight these outstanding alumni champions, many of whom have owned businesses, lived in Granada Hills and have remained outstanding role models throughout life and while attending our School.
We are excited and proud that quarterback, Dana Potter, will lead the 1970 LA City Championship football team alongside the Grand Marshalls at the 2021 Granada Hills Holiday Parade as public health conditions improve.
What a wonderful story and great accomplishment that is intrinsically tied to our great alma mater and our hometown!
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John Ciccarelli (Class of 1971)
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